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Insurance Premium Tax rising again

Insurance premium tax continues to increase. From 1st June 2017 the standard rate of insurance premium tax was increased to 12% from 10%, making this the third increase in the rate in 18 months. You can find out more HERE


The Ogden Tables - Will liability insurance rates now have to increase?

Undoubtedly yes! Outside of insurance something called the Ogden Tables will be almost unheard of however they are a pivotal tool used by all insurers when calculating long term life changing injuries to determine the compensation settlement value. The Lord Chancellor has announce the rate has been reduced from positive 2.5% to negative 0.75%. This rate is used to calculate future investment growth when agreeing compensation payments and is design to ensure fair compensation is provided to injured parties need long term / lifelong care. This adjustment means that compensation paid now will increase over current expected settlements and dramatically so the younger the injured person is. In one published example from Allianz the increase on a claim for a 30 year male previously earning £25,000 and now needing rest of life care would increase from £3,534,000 million to £6,325,000 million (127%).

The impact will hit all classes of personal injury liability policies. Numerous insurers are already warning that they must adjust their rates and this will ultimately show itself in premiums. You can find out more HERE

Commercial Client Agreement (V.16 Effective from 25th May 2018)

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Personal Lines Client Agreement (V.3 Effective from 25th May 2018

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