Fine Art, Antiques, Jewellery and Watches

Like your contents and personal possessions, it is imperative that you have the correct level of cover for Fine Art, antiques, jewellery and watches.

You should be in possession of recent (i.e. no less than 3 years old) valuations for all such items as values can fluctuate dramatically over a period of time, which will have an impact on your claim.

Our clients have access to independent firms of specialist valuers and fine art consultants charging discounted fees.

With Circle you could benefit from the following cover:

  • Inclusion of  your business equipment up to £15,000
  • Possessions of dependant parents or grandparents possessions whilst in a nursing home
  • Death of Artist extension
  • Defective Title
  • Fatal or acquired disability after a fire or theft at your property
  • Hire of replacement Golf Clubs overseas
  • Hole in One
  • Trauma
  • Accidental Damage  caused by vermin or pets