Home Insurance   

For the majority of our clients, their home is one of their largest investments and an ‘off the shelf’ insurance policy will not always provide the cover required.

No two homes are ever the same; you may have a property that is listed, a country estate, has previous subsidence or flooding issues, is thatched, or of non standard construction.  You may plan to carry out major refurbishment or extension works, or you may even work from home.

Our specialist Insurers:-

  • Understand your exact needs and requirements
  • Won’t question your needs after a loss
  • Won’t delay in repairing your property

Following a claim most ‘off the shelf ‘policies stipulate who carries out repairs on your home, where you may have to live if your home is uninhabitable, or where you have to source replacement items. With Circle it’s your choice.

‘Off the shelf’ policy covers are not designed to cater for the wealthier individual and the life styles they lead. With Circle insurers, your requirements are fully catered for.

Very few people go through the process of calculating the total current replacement cost of all of their household contents and possessions. This is an imperative part of ensuring the correct level of cover and carrying out a full evaluation of your household contents and personal effects eliminates any problems that can arise in the event of a claim. Complete one of our Contents Check lists to see exactly what sum insured should apply to your Household Contents and Personal Possessions. Under-insurance could seriously damage your wealth.

Some basic policies claim to provide you with unlimited sums insured. This isn’t strictly true and can cause problems if you need to submit a claim.