At Circle we believe employment legislation and Health and Safety compliance is more than just red tape and whilst they may cause major headaches for many employers, they protect the interests of your most valuable assets, your employees. In the current working environment even minor incidents or disputes can have potentially litigious and costly consequences.

Additionally, insurers expect businesses to manage these issues well and reward those that do with favourable terms, therefore we encourage our clients to proactively manage these parts of their business.

Our online risk management tool is designed to aid our clients in their management of Health & Safety, Employment Issues and Training. Our service will provide you with the means to manage all apsects of staff employment and workplace safety easily, efficiently and economically. Membership brings access to a wide range of facilities designed to help you stay compliant with current legislation; and update to the changes as they occur. We can help you from recruitment to exit interview phase of employment and to develop and maintain a safe and healthy working environment. Our system can help with: 

  • Translating health and safety/employment legislation into plain English
  • Providing information and downloadable policies, procedures and documentation
  • Ensure that relevant news and legislation are brought to your attention as they happen
  • Give you unlimited access experienced advisors through our "Ask the Expert" service
  • Giving your employees access to e-learning courses  

Our Online e-Learning is especially suited to those businesses that have a work force spread over multiple locations or just one that struggles to get employees in one room together for classroom based learning.

Additional assurance for Employers is that the courses have been professionally accredited by the relevant leading bodies such as RoSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents), CPD Standards Office and NOS (National Occupational Standards), which means if your people are studying for an NVQ, our courses can count as course credits, helping them to achieve their qualification.

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