Welcome to Circle's Cyber Hub

Risk Management & Insurance Solutions 

We have created a “go to” Cyber and Risk Management site which can be used whether you are new to looking to the Cyber world or if you are familiar with it but are looking for up to date information. 

We recognize its not all about buying insurance to protect against cyber-attacks - it’s about risk management, protecting your brand and most importantly protecting your balance sheet.  This is why we have created a site that not only talks about insurance but also gives you:

  • Risk Management tips
  • Useful Lnks
  • Claims Examples
  • Calculators - For Quotations, Breach Costs & Risk 


Why Cyber Insurance 

We insure against employees having accidents, and business interruption through fire and other peris but we often forget our most valuable assets – our digital assets.

While it’s the large businesses that get the media attention for cyber attacks, its actually small to medium size (SME) businesses that suffer the most with 1 in 3 UK small businesses falling victim to cyber-crime.

If you are targeted by a hacker or suffer a cyber breach it unfortunately is not only a matter to get back up and running but you might need to handle the media to protect your reputation, you will also need to notify the breach under GDPR rules and you may be subject to a regulatory fine.

Placing the right insurance policy for you needs will help you through this.